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All of the information for Corydon's plan will be posted on this page. Check back frequently for updates or subscribe to receive email notices when updates are available.

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Project Schedule


How can I participate?

More opportunities for engagement to come!

Project Documents and Resources

Public Engagement Opportunity # 1 - The project team hosted the first public engagement opportunity for the Town of Corydon on July 29 at the Corydon Farmers Market. Over 50 people stopped by the booth at the farmers market to help the project team identify opportunities, challenges, and big ideas for the future. For individuals that weren’t able to make it to the farmers market, an online survey is available. Both the meeting and online survey were advertised through social media and the school newsletter.

Boards and Summary

Public Engagement Opportunity # 2 - On Thursday, November 17th the project team facilitated a work session with select individuals from the community to review the vision, goals, and big ideas for the future. The work session was held from 12:00 – 1:30pm at Town Hall. There were 11 people in attendance. The meeting agenda included an overview of the Harrison County Town Planning Initiative, highlights from the last public engagement opportunity, and then a discussion around the draft goals and big ideas. Review the meeting materials and summary below.

Meeting Presentation



The Draft Corydon Comprehensive Plan is available now for viewing!

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