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All of the information for Lanesville's plan will be posted on this page. Check back frequently for updates or subscribe to receive email notices when updates are available.

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Lanesville’s comprehensive plan has been approved by town council!

The Lanesville Comprehensive Plan is available for viewing!

Project Schedule


How can I participate?

The Lanesville town council has adopted the comprehensive plan and have put a favorable recommendation for county adoption in January 2023. The project team will provide a brief presentation about the planning process and plan recommendations before asking the council to sign a resolution in support of the comprehensive plan.

Project Documents and Resources

Public Engagement Opportunity # 1 - The project team hosted the first public engagement opportunity for the Town of Lanesville on December 10th during the Lanesville High School basketball game. Nearly 50 people shared their ideas and input with about 20 percent of participants being students. Students offer a unique perspective as they are the future of the community. The project team handed out countless postcards to advertise the online survey and provided an incentive for providing input by awarding one person a $25 gift card to Amazon as a token of appreciation for participating.

Boards and Summary

Public Engagement Opportunity # 2 - The project team hosted a second public engagement opportunity for the Town of Lanesville on March 23rd at the Lanesville Heritage Building. Over 30 people were in attendance and assisted the project team in refining the plans vision, goals, and big ideas. Participants were able to vote on which big ideas they believed were most crucial to the success of Lanesville and provided detailed comments on items they wanted to be revised. For individuals that weren’t able to make it to the meeting, an online survey is available.

Boards and Summary

The Adopted Lanesville Comprehensive Plan is available now for viewing!

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