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The Harrison County Planning Initiative is a grassroots effort that aims to help each town in the county identify a strategic direction for their future. It was identified through the Harrison County Leadership Planning Initiative, and Harrison County Community Foundation (HCCF) realized the potential that could result from providing the resources for each town to dream big. This process starts at the local level and is driven by residents and businesses in each town – basically the people who know their town best!


This initiative, funded by both HCCF and Lilly Endowment Inc.’s Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) VII Implementation Grant, will assist each of the County’s ten incorporated towns to complete a Comprehensive Plan and an Asset Management Plan, as required by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). HCCF plans to initiate three comprehensive plans in 2021, four comprehensive plans in 2022, and three comprehensive plans in 2023. The overall schedule can be viewed on the Schedule & Process tab and individual community schedules can be found on the Town Plans tab.


The Harrison County Town Planning Initiative recognizes the vital role the ten incorporated communities play in inspiring positive transformation – economic, environmental, and social advancement in Harrison County. Our goal is to provide each community with a creative exercise that empowers you to think outside the box in identifying ways to enhance and improve the places in which you spend your time.


The ten communities involved in this Town Planning Initiative include Corydon, Crandall, Elizabeth, Laconia, Lanesville, Mauckport, Milltown, New Amsterdam, New Middletown, and Palmyra. Did you know the population of these communities range from 15 – 3,000 residents? In small towns like these, every voice is influential, every idea is valuable, every home is treasured, and every business is essential to the community’s ability to thrive. You are invited to inform, inspire, and implement your vision for the future! Find upcoming events in your community on the Town Plans page!


Comprehensive plans for Palmyra, Corydon, and New Amsterdam are currently in progress! The Lanesville, New Middletown, and Laconia plans have been completed and can be viewed on the town pages. Check out the individual community pages for information.


PLEASE JOIN USThere are two town planning meetings on the horizon! We will be reviewing the draft recommendations for Milltown and Elizabeth. See below for more details!

  • Milltown Public Meeting - Monday, March 11 at 7:00 PM  (Town Hall - 215 W. Main Street)

  • Elizabeth Public Meeting – Tuesday, March 19 at 10:30 AM (Elizabeth Civic Center - 8128 Hurricane Street)

  • Crandall Public Meeting – Monday, April 15 at 6:30 PM  (Crandall Community Center - 6120 Main Street)

Completed Plans - Half of the comprehensive plans have been approved by the town council and adopted by the county! Visit the Lanesville, New Middletown, Laconia, Corydon, Mauckport, and Palmyra town pages to view the final plan!

HCCF receives Implementation Grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. - The Harrison County Community Foundation (HCCF) has received a Community Leadership (Implementation) Grant of $90,000 as part of the seventh phase of Lilly Endowment Inc.’s Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT VII) initiative.  With the grant, the community foundation will provide resources and support for all 10 incorporated towns in Harrison County to create or update a Comprehensive Plan and an Asset Management Plan to leverage outside funding for infrastructure projects.

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